Cider Magazine by Chris Bardwell November 2014
Local Hampton, NH band, Todo Bien opened up the Halloween night Dirty Heads show at the Casino Ballroom  in Hampton Beach.  Although it was a chilly night on the New Hampshire Seacoast, Todo Bien got the place warmed up in no time with a seven song set, including "Don't Even" to start it out followed by "Strike."  Shout outs were given by frontman Skip Brunette to the Ballroom staff after the second song, and one more thank you given before closing the set with the song "Feelin' It". The other band members produced a tight knit and well performed set making their hometown proud.  

The Wire CD review by Craig Robert Brown
Todo Bien’s bouncy live act is captured on their latest record, a live album recorded at The Stone Church, featuring songs from the band’s previous collections including their self-titled debut and 2011’s “Will to Be…” The blend of roots rock, funk and reggae rock is the perfect addition to the summer, and for fans of Jack Johnson and Dispatch, this live album will serve as well.

The problem with live albums is that often they cater to die-hard fans of the band. And yes, first time listeners should pick up a copy of 2010’s “Todo Bien” and see the band live. However, the recording and mastering of “Live” is pristine. The track list is a great primer for the would-be Todo Bien fan, while introducing new tracks (“Lite Up and Live”). And while often is the case that a band playing live is sub-par to their recorded material, not here. Todo Bien has spent time crafting and honing their skills as musicians and finding their sound. If anything, “Live” is an accurate representation of that hard work. For Todo Bien, releasing a live album makes sense. This is how they cut their teeth and became good at what they do. In short: “Live” showcases Todo Bien in their natural element. Not to mention, the record is fun all the way through, making it a great play in the car, in the backyard, or at the party.

Eastern Surf Magazine
Vital Reverb - January 13, 2012
“First impressions: Bouncy, bubbly jams from this solid New Hampshire quintet — you can smell the sea smoke and ice-cold cervezas rising up from Todo Bien’s seven-song sophomore record. “Changes” sets the easygoing tone, before “Storybook Faces” injects a bit of Latin flair thanks to Peter “Salt” Irelan’s percussion and Tom Thorndike’s guest keys. I loved the rootsy harmonica-led quality “Let It Ride,” along with Johann Robeldo’s sparkly lead guitar lines. And Melissa Dee Phillips’ angelic backing vocals are the perfect complement to Skip Brunette’s bluesy John Popper-esque pipes. The nitty-gritty: If you like warm-hearted, acoustic-based music that pulls judiciously from reggae, ska, and folk, you’ll love Todo Bien. They aren’t reinventing the wheel, but given their chosen genre, that’s not necessary — all that’s needed is clean production, quality instrumentation, and an overall easygoing vibe, which they nail on Will To Be… ”
- Nick McGregor
The Wire
The Wire's 2012 Readers' Poll - March 8, 2012
Favorite local CD of 2011 - "Will To Be..." by Todo Bien

New Releases: Todo Bien - January 17, 2012
“The Seacoast band’s second album, “Will to Be...,” is loaded with songs that deliver an uplifting vibe, both rhythmically and lyrically. “Anything is possible, even when you’re faced with the impossible. / From the corners of reality, meet you in the middle of the brutality,” front man Skip Brunette sings in the opening track, “Changes.” Brunette offers charismatic singing and Phipps decorates the tunes with smoothly sailing harmony vocals. Guest appearances by percussionist David Leach and organist/pianist Tom Thorndike keep things stimulating with their subtle but effectual contributions. The guitar work, with its buoyant rhythms and catchy twists, is central to the album’s infectious energy. “Let It Ride,” offers an addictively laidback air. “Strike while the Iron’s Hot” features a rich vocal chorus with a worldly feel, while “Betterthan” has a rapid guitar line , “Hope and Smoke” is a soft and relaxing tune that paves the way for the elevating closer, “Don’t Bring Me Down.”

Todo Bien releases "Will To Be..." - December 07, 2011
"A year and a half after releasing their self-titled debut, Hampton-based roots-rock and reggae outfit Todo Bien is set to release a sophomore effort with a CD release show at The Blue Mermaid in Portsmouth on Saturday, Dec. 10. Led by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Skip Brunette, Todo Bien has been gigging steadily around the Seacoast and throughout the Northeast since the summer of 2009. They released their debut album in July 2010. The quintet’s new disc, “Will to Be...,” offers a snapshot of the band’s energetic live performances, featuring groove-based rock and reggae rhythms with catchy melodies and vocal harmonies that capture a positive vibe. The release show begins at 9 p.m. at The Blue Mermaid, 409 The Hill, Portsmouth, 603-427-2583"
Seacoast Spotlight Magazine
Todo Bien's super fun tunes - January 19, 2012
"Todo Bien are at it again with their sophomore release, "Will To Be...;" Fresh off the heals of their self-titled debut, the band are literally striking while the iron is hot, as is referenced in the fourth cut on the record, which very well could be the band's anthem as it is extremely catchy with a call-and-response driven chorus and a charismatically sublime slide guitar riff. The sentiment of "anything is possible," and of the operative notion of being open-minded and non-judgmental is the underlying theme of a band whose name literally means "All's good." The course may not always allow for smooth sailing, but together we can accomplish anything. Todo Bien is leading the march with their do-good, feel-good (as one) mantra. "Will To Be...;" is the calling card for those who strive to live by the undying ruminant guise of the words, "live and let live." Todo Bien craft thoughtful tunes that are tightly bound to the inner workings of fun. You can in fact effectively mix the two."
- Chris Hislop

October 2011
"Got to give it up to find a way / Got to be the one to guide someone, be there to save the day," sings Skip Brunette on the track "Seed of Change," which is one of the memorable cuts on Hampton-based band Todo Bien's debut self-titled recording, which came out last year. Todo Bien mix the like of "surf" rock, hints of reggae, Americana and pop, to create a unique blend of music that, at its core, is feel-good tunes giving off positive, thought-provoking vibes Todo Bien's music is the perfect soundtrack to turn the stagnant sea of feet into a dancing whirlpool of frenzied bliss. The call-and-response aesthetic of Brunette's vocals and the engaging hand claps that show-up throughout the record is testament to the fact that this music is as much for the listener as it is for the band. It's engaging, and hence, you're supposed to engage. Bob your head, clap along, and feel free to smile."
-Chris Hislop

March 2011
“Todo Bien has been recognized as a nominee for The Seacoast Spotlight Peoples Choice Award 2011 in the Favorite Band category.”
The New Hampshire – UNH
Todo Bien presents playful reggae sound - February 04, 2011
"Todo Bien's self-titled debut album is an entertaining, incredibly happy venture into the world of New England independent rock. The album, produced by frontman Skip Brunette, bassist John Coretto and Boston musician Qwill, paints a playful, reggae-inspired portrait of music from Hampton, N.H." "The melodies are difficult not to bop along to, and the album ends as playfully as it begins.
-Samantha Pearson